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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        Photographs of Residential ICF Projects
        with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms

        Click any picture to view it in higher resolution
        (and use your browser's Back button to come back to this page).

        Residential ICF Buildings (before exterior finishes)
        Residential ICF Building  Residential ICF Construction

        Round ICF Walls
        Basement Curved ICF Wall  Round ICF Walls

        ICF Home (before exterior finishes)
        ICF Home (before finishes)  ICF Home (before finishes)

        Concrete Homes with many Angles
        Finished Concrete Home with Angles  Finished 5 storey Concrete Home with Angles

        ICF Duplex
        ICF Duplex  ICF Duplex - Finished

        Straw-Bail Roof & LEED certified ICF Houses
        Residential ICF House with Straw-Bail Roof  LEED Certified ICF Homes

        ICF Swimming Pool
        ICF Swimming Pool  ICF Swimming Pool  ICF Swimming Pool - Finished

        ICF Swimming Pool & Concrete Home
        ICF Swimming Pool  ICF Swimming Pool  ICF Residence

        Finished ICF Homes
        Finished Concrete Home  ICF Home with Wood-Finish  100% ICF Home (Walls and Floors)

        Finished Concrete Homes
        Finished Concrete Home  ICF Home - Quiet Inside next to intersection

        Finished ICF Residences - China & Moldova
        Finished Quad-Lock House - China  Modern Concrete Home

        Residential ICF Construction
        ICF Visitor Center  ICF Home - Finished

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