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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        Photographs of Quad-Deck Projects
        - the Insulating Concrete Forms for Floors, Roofs and Tilt-up

        Quad-Deck Detail & Dimensions
        Quad-Deck Detail with Dimensions

        See the concept of Insulated Concrete Forms applied to horizontal, pitched, and tilt-up applications. Quad-Deck makes it easy, solid, energy efficient & comfortable. Please refer to the Quad-Deck Product Information for details.

        Quad-Deck Panel
        (showing integrated steel beams)
        Quad-Deck Panel showing integrated steel beams

        Quad-Deck Green Roof
        Quad-Deck Green Roof Details

        Quad-Deck & Quad-Lock Illustration
        (note radiant heating in bottom floor)
        Insulated Concrete Building Envelope

        ICF Floor Assembly
         Quad-Deck Concrete Floor Assmbly

        Shoring & Block-Out

        Utility Routing & Staircase Block-Out

        Cutting additional Cross-Beams

        Quad-Lock to Quad-Deck Connection

        Quad-Lock to Quad-Deck Connection

        Full Cross-Beam & Quad-Deck Installed

        Quad-Deck Pours

        ICF Tilt-Up: Formwork & Pour
        Quad-Deck Tilt-Up: Forms and Bucks  ICF Tilt-Up: Concrete Pour

        Quad-Deck ICF Tilt-Up
        ICF Tilt-Up  Quad-Deck Tilt-Up

        ICF Pitched Roof
        (vaulted ceilings 4-sided hip roof, ridge beams NOT needed)
          Pitched Concrete Roof with ICF - Quad-Deck setup  Pitched Concrete Roof with ICF - Reinforcing Steel  Pitched Concrete Roof with ICF - Concrete Poured

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