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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        Quad-Lock Alignment Systems (Bracing)

        Following are alignment systems (bracing) to use with the Quad-Lock Building System.

        Steel and Aluminum Fabricated System

        • steel & aluminum construction
        • adjustable

        * reusable; available for sale or rent from most Quad-Lock Dealers

        ICF Metal Bracing & Scaffolding System - Click for high res

        Steel and Aluminum Alignment System (click for higher resolution)

        Wood; 2x4 or 2x6 Dimension Lumber

        • full height
        • nailed or screwed together
        • predrilled for #8 or #10 screws 12" o/c


        * minimum number of uses, usually reused for framing later

        Drawing of Wood Bracing

        Picture of Wood Bracing

        Quad-Lock Wall ICF:
         Metal Brackets
         Metal Tracks & Top Ties

        Quad-Deck Floor & Roof ICF
        R-ETRO Insulation System