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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        About Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms

        The Quad-Lock team provides amazingly durable, resilient, and sustainable  building shells for our customers' well-being, safety, finances, and environment. Quad-Lock's Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for walls, floors and roofs create very healthy, comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient buildings at a lower total cost of ownership. Quad-Lock's professional partners and team pride themselves in providing excellent customer support from start to finish with ISO 9001 and 14001 certified continuous improvement of products and services.

        For more information on Amazing Buildings, contact us at www.fasteners-india.com or call 1-888-711-5625.

        Company Profile

        Quad-Lock Building Systems was established in 1994 to develop and distribute patented Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF). Quad-Lock was then one of the first flat-wall ICF systems and it continued to be the leading innovator with higher insulation values, very wide walls, insertion panels, and an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

        Quad-Lock has proven itself as the supplier of the most versatile and highest quality systems in the market and customer satisfaction is our mission. Quad-Lock training programs for installers and distribution partners help provide knowledgeable support and reliable installation services.

        Quad-Lock's network of trained professionals ensures local, on-the-ground support for sales, training and on-site assistance.

        Product Descriptions

        Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for Walls

        Quad-Lock® is a panel type ICF wall system consisting of panels, ties, metal track and metal brackets. Quad-Lock Panels are made with high density, fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) which uses no formaldehyde, HFCs or CFCs. Seven panel types and eight types of plastic ties allow virtually limitless design options using standard components. R-values range from R-22 to R-59 - the highest in the industry.

        Plastic ties ingeniously connect the panels and support the reinforcing steel, while also providing a means to anchor drywall, siding and temporary bracing. Metal track is used to start and finish the walls and metal brackets create the strongest corners in the industry eliminating zip-tying or additional outside bracing at corners and angles.

        Applications include load bearing walls, shear walls, fire resistant walls, basement walls, retaining walls, and foundation walls incorporated in residential, commercial, and institutional construction.

        ICF for Floors & Roofs (Suspended Slabs)

        Quad-Deck uses patented technology to create an energy efficient and quality insulating concrete floor or roof system. Ideal for use in both commercial and residential construction, Quad-Deck combines the strength, security and reliability of concrete with the energy efficiency, design flexibility and comfort of insulating concrete forms.

        Quad-Deck panels shape a series of T-beams every 24" [610mm] which integrate with a concrete slab. The resulting monolithic concrete structure provides two-way span capacity and a shear plane for superior structural performance using less concrete & less time.

        Retrofit Insulation for existing buildings

        Quad-Lock also offers an insulation system for the renovation and deep energy retrofit market. The R-ETRO System is a fast, flexible, non-invasive form of insulation that adds R-Values of R-10, R-18, or R-26 to existing wall surfaces. The system easily adapts to the shape of an existing building and around protrusions and openings. It can be attached to any wall structure: wood, concrete, steel, brick or masonry block.

        To find out more, please contact us.

        Contact Information

        Online: Contact Us form

        Headquarters - View Google Map


        1 (888) 711-5625   Toll Free
        +1 (604) 590-3111  Int'l


        +1 (604) 534-1212


        Quad-Lock Building Systems
        19402 - 56 Ave
        Surrey, BC  V3S 6K4

        East Coast Manufacturing - View Google Map
        65 Grady Knight Industrial Ct
        Villa Rica, GA  30180-2107