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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        Quote for your Insulated Concrete Forms project

        1. Feasibility Analysis: Comparative Cost Analysis & Tips for Owners Get Free Analysis & Tips

        2. Budget Estimate for ICF Walls:     Switch to Metric units

         Wall Group 1  - Add up lengths of walls with same heights and configurations
        EPS Panels
        Concrete Thickness inch, nominal
        Total Wall Length  ft (outside dimensions)
        Wall Height  ft
        # of 90° Corners e.g. 4 for a rectangle
        # of Wall Angles e.g. 4 for a bay
        Openings Area  ft² total area of windows/doors in wall group
        Water-/Damp-proofing  ft² total below-grade wall area
          Add Wall Groups

        Budget Estimate for ICF Floors & Roofs: Get Quad-Deck Estimate

        3. Detailed Quote: Please send us your floor & elevation plans. Upload your plans or just Contact Us to get an address for emailing your plans