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      1. Quad-Lock Logo

        Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors and Roofs

        Quad-Deck uses unique technology to create an energy efficient and quality insulating concrete floor and roof system. Ideal for use in commercial and residential construction, Quad-Deck combines the strength, security, and reliability of reinforced concrete with the energy efficiency, fast construction, and comfort of insulating concrete forms.

        Each of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels are supported and reinforced with two integral steel beams molded into the product from end to end. The result is a self-supporting joist and deck forming system that provides the maximum strength of a reinforced concrete deck with a minimum of materials and labor. Contact us today to find out about using Quad-Deck for your next project.

        Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors and Roofs

        Benefits for Owners

        Quiet, Healthy, Safe & Comfortable

        • More consistent indoor temperatures
        • Perfect for in-floor radiant heating
        • High STC ratings dampen sound transmission
        • Minimized air infiltration - fewer allergens, improved indoor air quality
        • Inert materials: doesn’t support the growth of mold or mildew
        • Rated Fire Resistance (using 2 hour 40 minute test results or ACI 216.1)
        • Not a food source for insects
        • Superior protection against disasters

        Durable & Sustainable

        • High R-Values* (low U-Values) & low air infiltration
        • Reduced HVAC requirements, heating and cooling costs
        • Thermal mass properties, ideal for passive solar designs
        • Lower life-cycle costs & emissions
        • Long-term building durability with life-cycle measured in centuries

        Advantages for Contractors & Architects

        Fast & Flexible

        • Lightweight, easy to handle - no forms to be stripped
        • Delivered to site ready to install - pre-cut at factory to exact specifications
        • Self-reinforced forms - temporary shoring only every 5-6'
        • Available in thicknesses of 7" to 12?", up to 34' [10.3m] free spans (and more with additional EPS caps or post-tensioning)
        • Slab thickness from 1?" to 6" [45mm to 152mm]
        • Easily integrates with Quad-Lock ICF system


        • Lighter structure; eliminates upto 50% of conventional shoring
        • Reduces floor mass dead load by up to 50%
        • Reduces structural requirements for foundations and walls

        Reduced Costs

        • Minimal or no site waste
        • Uses less concrete & steel compared to traditional concrete slab
        • Lower workers-comp due to lightweight forms
        UPDATED Manuals (register)   Typical Details 9MB PDF

        Technical Summary & Specs
        Watch Quad-Deck Videos

        Main Construction Steps:

        1. Setup Shoring & Quad-Deck
        ICF for Floors Shoring

        2. Install Rebar & Pour Concrete
        Concrete Pour of Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors and Roofs

        3. Remove Shoring & Finish It
        Insulated Concrete Building Envelope

        Ideal for Concrete Roofs, Elevated Buildings, Saferooms

        Flood Area Construction - Elevated Concrete Building Saferoom Construction

        Quad-Deck vs. Traditional Slab

        Single Span = 25' [7.6m], Floor Area = 1500 sqft [140m2]

        Insulated Concrete Forms Floor Assembly vs Traditional Concrete Slab

        Insulated Concrete Slab vs Traditional Slab

        Contact us to get started


        Quad-Deck Detail with Dimensions


        "After exhaustive comparisons of many different floor and roof systems, I found Quad-Deck to be the safest, highest performing, and most cost effective system available based on a life cycle cost analysis. Quad-Deck's function as a thermal mass heat sink, its solid feel underfoot, flexibility of design vs. other RC systems, ability to span long distances, and function as a base for a green roof are just a few of the reasons why Quad-Deck is my horizontal structure of choice." - Kyle Dumbleton, AIA, LEED Assoc.

        Also for Tilt-Up!
        ICF Tilt-Up walls